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Family Sends The Most Awkward Christmas Cards For 15 Years, And It’s Too Funny. Jeremy, worked during the holidays in a photo studio. If he thought that a family portrait was particularly funny, he would print a copy for himself and put it on display in his living room.

awkward christmas cards, bergeron family, bergeron family. Spit Take “We got more than we bargained for during our family photo shoot. If I ever wrote a book about motherhood this would definitely be the cover! A5553XSG-B1x10 'Awkward Family Photos Assortment Assorted Box of 10 Funny Christmas Cards Featuring a Set of Uncomfortable Family Christmas Cards; With Envelopes by NobleWorks $14. 99 $ 14 99 Prime Looking for the most awkward Christmas cards on the internet?

Here are the 20 most cringe-worthy X-mas photos you can find. Hilarious and awkward family Christmas photos and cards turned into memes for the holiday. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian decided to get silly and hopped on the awkward family photo bandwagon for their Christmas card this year!. The 33-year-old singer took to Instagram to give her fans a.

The Christmas gift that keeps on giving! MORE awkward nudity, badly behaved children and a multitude of festive fashion crimes in cringe-inducing family photos To some, the highlight of the Christmas season comes with creating unique Christmas cards to send to the masses. Some are exceptional. Others are just. awkward. But being awkward is the point for the Bergeron family. They’ve been embracing their own brand of Christmas cards since 2003.

And like. Dec 25, 2011. Merry Awkward Christmas! AFP Hall Of Fame. |. By Team Awkward. Shares. Our sentiments exactly. (submitted by Joe). For 15 years, Mike and Laura Bergeron have been sending hilariously awkward Christmas cards to their friends and family. Explore Michele Dan's board" Awkward Family Christmas Photos" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Christmas cards, Holiday cards and Awkward family photos. The Anniversary Party “For my parents 20th anniversary, my mom decided to dress up in her wedding dress and get our family Christmas photos.

“My husband couldn't make it to the family portrait photo shoot. Rather than cancel, I brought a “replacement”. This is what went in all our Christmas cards. Check out these hilarious Christmas card and holiday photos, capturing the true essence of the awkward family photo. Enjoy! Christmas is a very important festival for many people and it is one of the festivals that each member in the family sends cards to each other compulsorily.

It is just the perfect opportunity to share your love with one another, including your friends and family. Just remember, no family is immune to the awkwardness of holiday greeting cards.

The Media Blog @TheMediaTweets Perhaps the oddest thing about Tony Blair& # x27; s threatening Christmas card is that. 21 Family Christmas Photos That Failed So Hard They Almost Won. It's the most awkward time of the year! 20 Hilariously Awkward Family Christmas Photos Via Awkward Family Photos. The 'deer-in-headlights' expression on the kid's face raises the funny factor of this card.

Dec 9, 2014. It's the most awkward time of the Awkward family photo christmas card. Via. Christmas card is that this must have been the BEST photo.

06: 55. 27 Funny& Awkward Family Christmas Photos Bad Family Photos Family Christmas Photos Xmas Photos Christmas Images Funny Christmas Cards Awkward Photos Wedding Announcements Creepy Vintage Gun Forward Two Canadian couples have made a tradition of sending over-the-top awkward Christmas photos to their families and friends. Camilla Singh& Walter. Our first card! The original concept was “Plugs& Juggs”, but we had to choose this photo because of the.

Discover amazing Awkward cards with Zazzle! Invitations, greeting cards& photo cards in thousands of designs& themes. Awkward Family Photos - Couple with parrot!

The Most Awkward Family Holiday Photos ‘Tis the season for family holiday photos! For every family smiling happily under the tree, there’s an equal number of awkward poses that should have.

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